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Why khmertrans?

Human Touch


Taking time to listen to the client’s need is the key to providing satisfying services. We will work with you every step of the way to make sure you receive the best human translation services in Asia.

We feel that responsive project manager and attention to detail are essential to producing translation that is not only technically accurate and linguistically correct but also reflects the client’s individual requirement and evolving needs.

With khmertrans, you get direct and personal contact with an experienced project manager who works closely with each member of the translation team and coordinates every aspect of the project.  

Long-term Partnerships


With clients: We have been in business since 2008 with very little client turnover of the years. The fact that most of our new businesses comes from referrals from existing satisfied customers is an indication that we are doing things right.


At the same time, we always welcome the opportunity to work with new clients. We look forward to discussing your needs and how we can meet them. 


With translators: Our commitment to quality extends to our relationships with the translators we work with. We cultivate long-term partnerships with skilled translators whose work we know and respect, and we are proud to have a reputation in the industry for valuing both their expertise and their human dignity. We see advantages for everyone this way. Our translators agree. 


We completely understand how important this matter is. We handle each project and treat it with strict confidentiality with every step of translation. 

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