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We are a Khmer translation company that provides the best Khmer and Asian language translation services at an affordable price in Asia. The core value of our success in offering translating services today is to work fast with effectiveness and integrity. We have hundreds of professional and native translators who are carefully selected and ready to serve our local  and overseas clients, either individuals, businesses, or government agencies.

We have the best proofreaders who are detail-oriented making sure that your documents are 100% accurate.
In addition, we also have hundreds of professional transcriptionists, subtitlers, and voice-over artists available to assist you to make your business moving to a bright future steadily.

To streamline all the processes, we are using PROTEMOS, a translation management system that helps manage clients, vendors, projects, files, documents, and finances.

Khmer Translation

Khmer Translation service

All of our native Cambodian translators have their specific field to focus on and we assign the task according to their skill to ensure our clients get the best translation service ever, whether it's an English to Khmer or Khmer to English translation.

A final look will be done by our proofreader who will go through the whole document content, and our Project Manager will have a final review of the project to make sure all the requirements have been met with the client before submitting the files. 

Email us now to get the best Khmer translation rate or perks.

Chinese Translation

Chinese Translation service

Chinese have become the most spoken language in the world. We understand the demand for the Chinese translation is high. 

We have numerous native Chinese translators that are equipped with industry-specific skills; no matter what  industry or nature of your document is, we can help you with accurate Chinese translation and localization.

The price for translating from English to Chinese is per word and from Chinese to English translation is per character. Contact us today to get the best Chinese translation rate.

Hindi Translation

Hindi translation service

India has the second biggest population in the world, and even though Hindi is the official and the most spoken language in India, there are more than 10 million people living abroad who speak this language as well.

At khmertrans we have contracted with many best native Hindi translators who are talented and skillful in their area of translating the documents.

Please contact us any time to get the Hindi translation best price. We are here to help and make sure you have us as your best Hindi translation service agency.

Japanese Translation

Japanese Translation service

Japan is a culture-oriented country blending its own ancient traditions with aspects of Western life.

We offer good Japanese translation prices with native Japanese linguists who are very mature and experienced in their work. They can help your document translation from English to Japanese and from Japanese to English professionally and whole-heartedly.

Email us now to get the best Japanese translation price for your generic documents and special offers for your business translation and localization. We want to help your business grow with 100% accuracy of translation.

Korean Translation

Korean Translation services

One language in two countries. Korea has more than 75 million people speaking Korean in the South and the North.

While North Korea seems to have a long-lasting political issue, South Korea is in the lead of the electronics industry in Asia.

We have many native Korean translators who are experts in the electronics industry and IT who can translate your documents perfectly correct. 

We also have translators who specialize in other domains. Please contact us for the best Korean translation and localization price. 

Thai Translation

Thai Translation services

One of the ASEAN countries that attracts most tourists each year is Thailand. It has become the country that requires language communication whether it's for individuals or businesses and the immigration purpose.

We have dozens of best native Thai translators who are skill-oriented in those areas and as well as in general translation that can help you to break the barrier of language understanding.

Email us now to have the best Thai translation rate and localize your website with us to expand your business today.

Indonesian Translation

Indonesian Translaton service

There are more than 700 living languages spoken in Indonesia. However, about 80% of the population speaks Indonesian as their official language.

We have selected the best native Indonesian translators that can translate your business content into and from Indonesian at a very reasonable price.

We accept both big translation and localization projects for enterprises and small projects for individuals, like translating your documents for immigration.

Contact us today to get the best Indonesian translation price and offers. 

Vietnamese Translation

Vietnamese Translaton Services

With 76 million speakers in Vietnam, it is the 16th largest language in the world. Vietnam has a great potential for investments. There are consistent requirements of Vietnamese translation and localization each year. That's the reason we are here to help those investors to make a good impact on their businesses.

Our experienced Vietnamese translators have outstanding tactics in translating your documents to tact the readers, not just a translation but transcreation.

To get Vietnamese to English or English to Vietnamese best price, drop us an email now.

Laotian Translation

Laotian Translation service

Laos has a small population and the official language is Lao or Laotian. We have provided a dozen Laotian to English and English to Laotian translations each month, mostly in the medical and private sectors.

All of our linguists are qualified and well-educated in linguistics or translation studies. You can feel confident in your document translation with our skillful translators at a very affordable price.

Let us know your requirements, we will assign the translators with specialization to make sure it is 100% accurate for your translation and localization requests.

Nepali Translation

Nepalese Translation services

There are more than 100 mother tongues as languages of Nepal. Anyway, Nepali is spoken by more than 17 million people.

Our professional native Nepali translators have a high commitment to their work. They have deep knowledge of translating technical and marketing documents. We have done numerous projects each month for local or international enterprises, whether it's an English to Napali and Napali to English translation or localization. We always receive great feedback from our satisfied customers and clients.

To have the best Napali translation rate please contact us now. 

Arabic Translation

Arabic Translation services

Arabic is spoken by 422 million people. It is a unique and highly complex language that shares few similarities with any Western language, including English.

All the best native Arabic translators at khmertrans will ensure your documents sound fluent and organic. Our expert team can help you manage projects of any sizes to find a flexible, efficient, and economical solution for your translation needs.

The price for translating Arabic to English and English to Arabic with us is affordable. Contact us now to get more information about our offers.

Burmese Translation

Best Burmese Translators

Burmese is the official spoken language in Myanmar and it is quite difficult to learn. When it comes to translation the grammar becomes the hardest part that needs skillful linguists to translate it correctly, using their insight knowledge and tactics.

With our certified and professional translators you've got nothing to worry about. We can guarantee 100% accuracy of English to Burmese and Burmese to English translation on your file.

The price is affordable, and our native Burmese translators are eager to help you. Please contact us now to get the best Burmese translation and localization price.

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