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The work environment that heavily affects your well-being

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. stress at workplace.

The human population is rising each day while there’s a decrease in natural resources caused by humans, which creates critical challenges for people to make a living.

Each year, many companies and celebrities put so much effort into commercials aiming that this will help to develop the economies and can fulfill people’s satisfaction. They always try to ask people to spend on things that are even irrelevant to them or unnecessary which instead brings people to a never-enough-contentment feeling, and creates anxieties while the benefits go to the celebrities and companies themselves.

Under these circumstances, people are forced to work harder to be in line with this modern society. To feel successful like what advertisements showed, people force themselves to work longer hours and even stay in the work environment that can heavily affect their well-being and finally hurts their emotion of being pleasurable.

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. overwhelmed demands

Some may not be aware that their work condition is hurting them, yet they start to lose enthusiasm and have less energy at work.

In this article, we’d like to share with you some clear signs that indicate that your condition of work heavily affects your well-being​ and the cause of these.

1. You are working in a company that is full of workplace politics:

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. office politics.

People around you are not sincere anymore. They try to do whatever they can to benefit from or take advantage of you, which can result in endless complications and sometimes arguments.

The real best job performer is not being recognized and rewarded, and the moderate one is not able to grow anywhere because people seem not to care about the common interest.

Every scenario is overflown with dramas that make people confused about what is real, what is right, and what is wrong. The person who is good at playing the political games can stand with this state and the weak one will fail while the one who is not in-game will confound.

This is a bad and dangerous surrounding even though you are not getting involved with it. The issue still can distress you or strike your state of mind.

The cause:

Lack of management: The company would probably already have the rules or code of conduct in place. However, each department may have a low ethic or is indolent to follow those rules or they are out of control of those un-abiding attitudes and just let people do whatever is comfortable for them.

Workers are poor in morals: Political players at the workplace are smart. That is why they can make up stories and manipulate things and people around, nonetheless, appalling in behavior. They are self-centered and mostly have no real compassion at all and they always want to be the winner. Sadly, many people are suffered from these kinds of people.

2. You do not feel connected with your colleagues:

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. workplace politics.

When you first started your job, you felt excited with full vitality in making new friends with your co-workers. It seems your efforts are going well and get good pay. After a while, those feelings are being declined and in the end, you no longer have them.

As mentioned in number 1, a politically motivated workplace environment always leads to the wrong and miserable route and that is the reason why you end up with this feeling.

The cause:

You have nothing in common: A solid couple courtship is based on having many things in common, and each party is kind and understandable. The relationship with your associates is the same as well, if you have less interest in common, chances are, you will be uncomfortable raising ideas, suggestions or having some open discussion most of the time. You probably notice that your colleagues engage with gossiping a lot, using the working time to do personal affairs, and the worst is cheating the company straight away, which is contrary to your professional stand.

Social exclusion: One of the most unhealthy working climates. Some groups or parties divisions within the organization make you feel inadequate, probably each party is trying to convince you to be on their side. If you are not careful and mature enough to deal with this situation, people will pull you back and forth, and you will become like a toy or a ball to them.

3. You have less thing to comment on and only follow what your manager told you to do:

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. bad work environment.

Being a human, you like to believe and express your thought, especially when there is something that you wish it should have been done in this or that way to make it better. Anyhow, you lose the motive to share your comments since everyone is not curious about or appreciates what you said.

The cause:

Own interest focusing: People work or run a business to gain profit for their own which is inherent, so there is nothing wrong with demanding our benefit. Anyway, each company is established with one goal and that goal needs all employees to be focused on. When the company can achieve a great result as they have set, the whole team becomes successful and each of them should be awarded following their respective role and performance, therefore, if most of the staff members are laid-back on how to make the company grow and instead urge for personal gain, you will be surely have nothing to say during the meeting most of the time.

Reluctant: The number 1 and Number 2 signs are clear enough for you to hesitate to bring up your ideas. Politics creates drama and drama creates impediments that make you distance yourself from your colleagues or manager.

4. You lose the excitement at work:

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. work mental health disorder.

Work can be challenging, stressful, delighting, and tiring sometimes which is usual, even so, when there are only tiredness and stress in your emotion with awkward feeling when stepping in the work premises and relieved when leaving for home, these are true indicators showing that you are in danger, and you need to take some actions to protect yourself from the destruction of your liveliness.

The Cause:

Disapproval and Negativity: These are learnable from the past bad experiences you have faced. You are unable to manifest things that you don’t like or things that need to be changed wisely as you expected, thus it makes you feel unhappy, upset, and disappointed. It doesn’t mean that you are pessimistic to feel this way, but it is a normal reaction when someone is surrounded by an unfavorable ambiance.

Someone is intentionally manipulating you: It’s hard to see things go wrong, yet it is even worst to get hurt personally by your co-workers or manager which can heavily affect your happiness as a person.

5. Awaking at midnight and losing appetite:

khmertrans blog. The work environment that heavily affects your well-being. mental health problem caused by toxic work environment.

Your brain can't stop functioning at night, busy with all the aspects of your pictures at work and you have difficulty going to bed.

Anxiety and negativity have a bad effect on your sleeping quality that can cause physical health problems. When you cannot get enough sleep, you also can’t get on a diet and your stomach will not be able to digest the foods properly which is completely risky for your whole body. If you experience these, please take immediate actions to bring yourself back in the right position.

The Cause:

Frustration: Our emotion has a big side consequence on our fitness. The terrible occurrence you’ve been through brings disturbance to your daily routine, keeps you awake at night, and you even can’t fall asleep some days.

Mental and physical health disorder: All worries and unenthusiastic sentiments are the sources of all of your health issues that can give a rise to dysfunction.

In conclusion, work is important to keep life going and we are born to enjoy life by working. For that reason, what is the point of staying in a poor work environment that brings your cheerfulness away? If you are a hard worker, capable, and you believe in yourself to create a better space for your life, leave it, and look for another opportunity. We only have one life, then don’t waste our time being dejected with empty people.

Money is crucial, just the same as our joyfulness. Do not stay in a bad job surrounding just because you get good pay, as that money can’t pay enough bills to fix your mental and physical issues.

Remember that, keeping learning to develop yourself, be honest, treat people fairly, forgive, and let go of the things that hurt you is never useless. It will ultimately build up the confidence that makes you truly feel the fulfillment from the inner.

We apologize for any mistakes that may arise in this write-up. It seems to sound a bit antipathetic, but we want to express the truth and hope you find it useful. In the next article, we will share with you some signs you are in a good work environment.

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