How to get translation job for fresh graduate

Updated: Nov 11

It is the norm for a human to work to be able to make a living. Work is an essential ingredient for a happy life, and now research proves that working hard in a field that you love will give your life meaning and purpose. Productive work keeps you active; it challenges you to continue learning and to strive towards mastery.

Some people would say that “work is a part of life,” so everyone must work. Working gets you to move​ and it is vital for people’s health and wellbeing.

According to science, the person who is actively working (not referring to a workaholic) tends to live longer and healthier than people who are not. People gain knowledge, experiences, self-esteem, and self-confidence and become mature from their work. There are endless benefits to say about work.

Getting the first job in the field that you desired is exciting, isn’t it?

How to get translation job for fresh graduate
khmertrans blog - Khmer translation service and Asian languages in Asia

Are you the young people who are just graduated with no experience and wish to pursue a career in translation and localization? If so, this article may help​ you to attain your dream job.

How to get translation job for fresh graduate
khmertrans blog - Cambodian translation service and Asian languages in Asia

There are only four simple attributes that would acquire from you to move on to this position:

1. Education:

You must be educated to at least Bachelor's level ideally in one or more languages or demonstrate equivalent experience in languages.

Now, some of you may be wondering, how about if I just freshly graduated from high school but my English is great and I am pretty good at Literature in my native language. Can I become a translator?

The answer is yes, you can as long as you are doing good enough at both languages, the source, and target languages.

You may consider taking some short courses or attending free or paid webinars offered by various organizations and companies such as ProZ, ATA , and Trados – just to name a few.

After you have all the above mentioned, you can step up to the job, however, you may find that most of your applications would be unresponsive, so what should you do?

Don’t be frightened yet. You still can be fully working in this field, but as mentioned earlier, it needs some time, and this scenario leads to the second attribute which is “Experience”.

2. Experience: